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As I wrote in my note to the reader, this is a blog that I started with the intention of relating various stories that I collected over the years concerning people from the ancient world whose names have been preserved on account of the curious or otherwise interesting circumstances surrounding their lives.

The people in these stories are sometimes historical, sometimes mythological, and sometimes divine. So far I’ve posted about the common shepherd Philitis, after whom Herodotus tells us the Egyptians named the Pyramids of Giza. I soon hope to follow that with posts about Arion, the pop music sensation of the 7th century BC, who is said to have traveled the Mediterranean on the back of a dolphin; Thamyris, who was the first gay guy according to Apollodorus; and, last but not least, Herodotus’ account of how to catch a crocodile.

My plan is to post a new anecdote on the first and third Sunday of each month. But we’ll see how that goes.